Sunday, July 23, 2006

Pro-life but immodest...

(Our Lady of Guadalupe, patroness of the Americas and the unborn.)

Or is it pro-choice and tacky?

When Our Lady appeared to Blessed Juan Diego and left as a sign her image upon his tilma, the impression is obvious, she was pregnant, signifying her Motherhood of Jesus Christ. The apparitions occurred after her feast of the Immaculate Conception in Advent,the time of preparation for the birth of Christ. Our Lady's miraculous image demonstrates that maternity is beautiful as well as being a sacred event.

So I went to my little 'upscale' Store nearby, shopped by the "Creek" people just as nearby. I see this young, very good looking, obviously affluent couple with a young child in a stroller, shopping. The attractive wife is very pregnant, wearing a low cut, form fitting, strappy top that would ride above her waist even if she hadn't been pregnant. She had tiny little tight shorts on - she was very fashionable. I've seen it before so I wasn't really reacting. Nevertheless, I wanted to see her face and saw she was very pretty, looking at her I realized she was also rather sexy - that's when I turned away and then the objective thought process began.

I would have thought someone of her station and beauty would have better taste. She looked intelligent enough, thus one might rightly assume she would not be such a victim of trend and follow immodest fashions. Then it occurred to me that women really want to look sexy, they think that by looking like street life - if you're half-ways beautiful, is fashionable and appealing. (Hey - is pregnancy a time to try and look sexy?) This woman with her belly hanging out would be the same type that would gag if she saw a pot-bellied man in a wife-beater undershirt drinking a can of beer on his front steps, or a plumber bending over showing man cleaveage as he fixed her kitchen drain. Is walking around with your belly hanging out any more acceptable? It's really immodest, if not indecent. I wonder if they realize that there is a genre of pornography devoted to sex with pregnant women? I wonder if they understand that they sexualize themselves, and the baby they carry, because of the way they dress?

A pregnant woman is indeed beautiful, the grace of pregnancy is wonderful. There is no shame at all in it. Posing nude like Britney Spears, Demi Moore, and others is not so much celebrating the beauty of it but rather sexualizing it. These women and others are more likely than not pro-choice/pro-abortion 21st century forward thinking people. Fashion people like to say they are celebrating a woman's right to choose and that a chosen pregnancy is beautiful and therefore should be flaunted. They dismiss the idea of modest pregnancy clothes as having been born of a shame of being pregnant or of appearing fat. They obviously do not study history in fashion schools.

Coco Chanel started this whole 20th century obsession with being thin and minimally dressed. The fashion evolved through the century and women like my mother, cried becuse she looked "like a cow" when she was pregnant, while lamenting not being able to wear normal clothes. After the pregnancy, she dieted and starved herself to get thin again, just as all the Hollywood ladies do today. Now we find ourselves where we are today - the other extreme. I think women should be more modest all of the time, but especially in pregnancy. It's not a public thing, it's a sacred familial event, and it ought to be protected.

Put some damn clothes on!


  1. Anonymous10:07 AM

    I cannot believe someone is commenting on this!!! I am pregnant--5th child-- my youngest is 6 1/2--I gave my old maternity clothes away (woe is me!)--went looking for Maternity clothes...okay--I cannot describe them as anything but hooker maternity. I was just outraged. Not to even mention the outfit you described and the ones I have seen completely uncomfortable...I have had to settle for just much bigger clothes--not great but unless I go to a VERY expensive shop I literally cannot wear what is out there at Target etc.

    Also, they will have these horrible TIGHT bands around the waist area--or so I thought until someone explained it is to go Under your stomach Argh! and Owie!

  2. Anonymous10:25 AM

    I'm so glad you commented on the uncomfortable aspect - who even wants to wear tight clothes in the summer heat? And husbands - do you really want your wives exposing themselves for who knows what?

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  4. Ms. Manners1:55 PM

    elwing - did we read the same post?
    There is nothing wrong with women dressing attractively, and they do not have to be wearing moo-moos and such when pregnant - although it is much more comfortable. Terry was not saying that all women who dress like the person he saw were pro-choice/pro-abortion, he was talking about celebrities "and those like them" who are so by their own political admission, while in the city he lives, there are many yuppie-type women who are very much pro-choice, and they live in the neighborhood he describes. (I'm from Minneapolis.) Keep in mind that fashion elites and others blatantly celebrate exhibitionist pregnancies as "a chosen pregnancy" - with implications of a pro-choice as well as contraceptive mentality.
    In addition, I happen to agree with him that the look is unattractive, but I did not read him as comparing these women to a beer-bellied man - rather he said that these same types would gag if they saw a guy in public like that. Frankly, I want to gag when I see a half naked pregnant woman in public like that - it is not fashion nor is it attractive.

  5. vanillabean10:57 PM

    And what about pregnant women in bikinis? In their last stages of pregnancy.... And some of them with huge visible stretch marks?
    It is not visibly appealing ladies... I agree with Terry: Get some clothes on!


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