Sunday, July 30, 2006

Oh Ladyeeeeeeeeeeee...

Knock it off!

Pictured, Joan Houk, who is to be "ordained" Monday, July 31 on a boat in Pittsburgh. Here's a statement from the diocese:

"This unfortunate ceremony will take place outside the Church and undermines the unity of the Church. Those attempting to confer Holy Orders have, by their own actions, removed themselves from the Church, as have those who present themselves for such an invalid ritual," according to the statement released by the Rev. Ronald Lengwin, a spokesman for the diocese.

Like most guys, I absolutely must watch the evening news, national as well as local. This evening on ABC they had a segment on the so-called "ordinations" of women that are to take place tomorrow - the "first of it's kind in the U.S.!" (I doubt it - I've heard of a few CSJ's who say mass- they must have been ordained.) A German "woman bishop", who alledgedly had been ordained by an unnamed sympathetic real bishop, will "officiate" at tomorrow's ceremony. (The group ordained by this mysterious Roman Catholic bishop were subsequently excommunicated. Nevertheless these women assume, like many Anglicans, that the line of succesion would be intact. Crazy as that may sound - the original ordinations would have had to have been valid in the first place, and since there has never been an allowance for the ordination of women in the Roman Catholic Church's discipline, there is no validity whatsoever. Dah!)

The woman pictured was presented as a devout Catholic all of her life, still married, and a grandmother - "She loves the Church"! (Celibate priesthood - that's another rule lady. Oh Ladyeeeee!) They said she worked for years for the Church and came to finally realize her call to priesthood. She knows she is defying the Pope yet explained "rules must be broken". As a devout Catholic she claims her love for the Church, yet in her disobedience, "she must stand up for the faith". ABC News acts as if these women are members in good standing with the Roman Catholic Church...instead of acknowledging they have their own little sect. It's like playing house, or dressing up for Halloween. She vested for the camera and was as nice as pie. She is so not a priest, no more than I was when I was little and cut up bed sheets and with color crayons, made vestments and had mass for my cat and dog. Don't they know this? They will never be priests of the Roman Catholic Church, no matter how many vestments they put on or how many rituals they imitate.

These women are like a housewife I came across online while researching nun's habits. She has a website about how she dresses up like a nun at home and wishes that she could go out dressed like that, but fears what the neighbors might think, while her family understands her. (Some transvestites have wives that understand them as well.)

Either that scenario, or they have worked so long in parishes or some Catholic charity or other agency, they think the Church is just a social agency - and obviously seem to understand the priesthood as "just a job". Their ecclessiology and theology is really screwed up, not to mention their spiritual life.

Check out Christus Vincit and Cafeteria is Closed for the latest updates - Brian Michael Page of Christus Vincit was highlighted in the Washington Post article on the subject (no, not his hair, his post on the subject!) - Good going! Christus Vincit! (This is every bloggers dream!)

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