Monday, July 31, 2006

"I own Malibu!"

"Perhaps I've been a bit too harsh." Nurse Diesel from"High Anxiety".

I used Gibson's anti-semitic slurs and his unfortunate arrest to point out that I have often heard many traditional, devout religious people make similar statements. I was implying that there seems to be an almost latent anti-semitism laying dormant in a lot of us. I received a comment on that post which I found offensive and subsequently removed, yet it pretty much proved my point. That being said, I really do not want to visit that topic again.

However, the comment harsh as it was, caused me to once again consider that what a person says or writes often comes off more harsh than the person intended. My citicism of Mel Gibson for example. Dianne Sawyer aired an earlier interview with him where he discussed issues he once had with addiction; drugs and alcohol. Evidently he has had something of a relapse, an experience I ought well to understand, as I'm always falling back to smoking my cigarettes. Much to the chagrin of my Dr. and my boss.

The interesting part of this morning's discussion was when Sawyer interviewed a psychologist, expert in addictions and he spoke about that place in the brain that finds gratification and relief when one indulges in any pleasure that can be addictive. It is to placate that need. In reference to Gibson, he does have a dark side, a suffering that accompanies his struggle and loneliness, and he has used substances to assuage that pain. His film work obviously is nourished and enriched by his torment. I understand that.

I immediately felt compassion for him and saw in his public apology a genuine sincerity, as well as pain and sadness. I sometimes pontificate and become hyper-critical of religious people, (who do the same thing - pontificate and act holier than thou) when they slip and fall and betray the same weaknesses and mistakes I am responsible for in my own life - if not for the grace of God...

Yet the refuge some may find in traditionalist religious discipline, maybe - just maybe - especially in the black and white world of ultra-traditionalism, becomes their refuge and help to keep them on the straight and narrow. Now of course our faith is our refuge and strength, as it should be. What I'm suggesting is that the more "fundamentalist" expressions of it may be an answer to the peciliar needs of those struggling with addiction or coming from a background of instability. Mel is known, or at least suspected of being a sedevacantist, ultra-traditionalist, as is his father.

Whatever, Mel has taught us a lesson, the bigger the ego, the bigger the fall sometimes. Gibson has probably realized he doesn't own Malibu by now, and it wasn't the Jews who got him in trouble either.

Check out "Mel's Church" on the "Cafeteria is Closed" for some more background on Gibson's traditionalism.


  1. Robin4:37 PM

    AS I have been reading about this subject I keep thinking... and who does Satan try to bring down, people who try to live a Holy life! We all need to watch out and pray, pray and pray some more, life is tough!

  2. Therese5:16 PM

    We have no idea what kind of life Mel Gibson leads--we know that he is not obedient to the Church--pretty brazenly disobedient.
    "To obey is better than to sacrifice" The Passion was a huge sacrifice I think for him to make--going out on a limb--the work involved had to be monumental, the money riding on it--it is a beautiful movie--amazing creatively and spiritually I think. Especially how he protrayed Our lady! Nothing will take away from that--but I think the Lord would love Mel Gibson's obedience more and ours--that's what He says. He wants our obedience--not giant acts of grandeur--probably since Our Lord can create those (magnificent things!!--like bablies, mountains, sunrises!!) so easily and He knows for us--we are capable of so little...obedience is so hard, but the least we can do.
    I wish Catholic media had been a better reporter at the time The Passion came out. This wouldn't sting so badly now if they had.

    I wasn't aware he wasn't a Catholic--I say that because he created his own Church just like any Protestant can. I didn't know that previous to this incident. Can you create your own Catholic Church? Maybe you can if you are wealthy enough? Terry you know right? After reading Gerald's post it seems to me he is a Protestant pretending to be a Catholic. Maybe I am completely wrong? What are we to think?
    Anyhow, he will get my rosary tomorrow and I hope I don't get an e-mail from my dad giggling with glee--he is a militant atheist and loves to see a person purporting any faith fall... I feel very bad for him.
    I cannot help but appreciate what he did in the Passion--I will love that film always.

    Your posts are excellent on this as usual--I go to Gerald for the overview and reporter type thng and you for the in depth and creative take!! Thanks so much!

  3. Therese, thanks for your comments. A person may certainly build their own chapel, or even have one in their home. That would be an oratory. A wealthy person can build whatever they want, but for the Blessed Sacrament to be reserved, or Mass to be celebrated publicly, one needs the permission of the local Ordinary, and it must be for a good reason. To have a semi-public chapel, such as monasteries of nuns have, anyone must be permitted to attend Mass. Mel's 'private' church is irregular and not Catholic, in the Roman sense, because it is not approved by the local Diocesan Bishop. He may have a schismatic Bishop's permission,nevertheless that is not legitimate in the eyes of the Church.
    I've been praying my Rosary for Gibson as well. As I hear more reports, he may have some mental health issues.

  4. Therese5:50 AM

    Thanks Terry--that's what I thought--he had done all of this without any approval or permission. That was the issue and the disobedience. I agree that he probably has mental health issues. It is really important that we obey. It is such a protection even if it is a trial sometimes.

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  6. Hi Elwing - yeah, alcohol addiction is often a self medicating tool for coping with depression and OTHER mental health issues...his close friends have said he was suicidal...ANOTHER mental health issue! It's kind of like how over-eating can be for some people - it often masks an underlying problem - A dissatisfaction with self, an insulating defense against the world. That is what I have been referring to, not the moral conflicts Mel may or may not be battling. I'm sure his remarks were indeed the booze speaking, although he is a conflicted soul. You might not know this but he is not a practicing Roman Catholic, he is a schismatic - who can sometimes float in between the Roman Church as well as his schismatic sect.

  7. Nuclear family dad9:49 PM

    The night of Gibson's arrest I don't believe he was speaking or acting on behalf of the Roman Catholic faith.


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