Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Who will it be now? -Men at Work

Sittin' around waitin' for the name.

So - I saw nothing in the Vatican Press release today - no nominations for Minnesota. Many people are saying they know who it is but they aren't sharing the information. A very reputable priest told me that when letters are sent out about nominees for a post, the person filling out the questionaire is bound to secrecy under pain of excommunication. So it is not likely someone is going to divulge who it is before the Archdiocese anounces it. I also believe the local Archdiocese announces it before the Vatican does. It may be likened to the third secret of Fatima - before it was revealed everyone speculated about it's contents and many were dissapointed it did not fit in with their own predictions - it will be the same way in this case. (But if anyone knows - will you tell me first so I can get the scoop? Thanks!)


  1. midwestmom9:46 AM

    When our new bishop was named, there was a press conference at the chancery on the same morning that the Vatican announced the appointment via VIS. Very well coordinated.

  2. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Has anyone been watching any of the potentials diocese web sites for any hints? ND or CO


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