Monday, June 12, 2006

Still the best game in Town!

I love a good mystery!

Now! Just for fun mind you - I'll just mention the fact that someone said we should hear either Tuesday or Thursday of this week who the new Coadjutor will be. Last week I was sure it would be announced and used this picture and so just for good luck I'm using it again.

I went with Bishop Aquila last week and I have not changed my mind, now Mitchell and Judith of Our Word have said they have heard from a reliable source that he indeed will be the man named. So maybe - just maybe kids - we will hear this week. Maybe tomorrow for the feast of St Anthony and the anniversary of the 2nd apparition at Fatima of Our Lady.

May God bless Archbishop Flynn and his successor. This entire matter is kind of fun though, isn't it? And being a guy, I love being right. As my assistant at work said, "Why Terry, I've never known you to be wrong!" Walking away I heard her mutter, "Men always have to be right."

I hope I am! I hope I am! I hope I am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Otherwise - Like Mitchell and Judith, I'm done with this story too!)

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  1. Funny, Terry!

    I think maybe you're influencing the culture again:)


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