Saturday, June 10, 2006


Obedience and duty.

Returning from confession at St. Agnes I felt a little more saddened, someone was missing. The lower Church was not nearly as full as it normally was when Fr. Altier was there. Nevertheless he had two lines of about eight penitents waiting. They eventually spread out to the other confessional lines.

My Confessor suggested that I might want to impress upon the blogger world that each priest is under obedience to his Bishop. When Harry Flynn had been rector of Mt. St. Mary's Seminary, his Bishop transferred him from that position and made him a hospital chaplain. Monsignor Flynn neither considered the move as a demotion nor a punishment. Father also mentioned that fourteen years is a long time for any assistant to remain in one place.

"A change will do you good..." -who sang that song?


  1. Anonymous7:56 PM

    Make sure to give the other priests at St. Agnes the same support that you gave to Fr. Altier. They are all exceptional Priests!! Who knows maybe in 5-10 years Fr. Altier will be named Bishop of Los Angelas CA. Bringing the largest Archdiocese back in line with Holy Mother Church.

  2. You are not kidding! I so agree. And, yes, the new priests at St. Agnes will receive my support. The one I wanted to tell how much he will be missed closed te window too fast for me to voice my sentiments. I will certainly miss Fr. Welzbacher the most!


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