Friday, June 02, 2006

Doesn't a man in a sash look kinda gay?

Letter from the Rainbow Sash Organization
( In case some have never read it.)

May 16, 2006

Excellences and Eminencies:
May the peace of our risen Lord be with you.Pentecost is the celebration of not only the Church’s birthday, but its great diversity. “I have other sheep who do not belong to this fold. These also I must lead and they will hear My voice, and there will be one flock, one shepherd” [Jn 10,16]. We recognize our Shepherd and respond to his call with joy in our hearts. Therefore on Pentecost we will be entering Cathedrals around the nation wearing Rainbow Sashes, a symbol that identifies us as faithful GLBT Catholics.The late Joseph Cardinal Bernadin once asked “Will the Catholic Church in the United States enter the new millennium as a Church of promise, augmented by the faith of rising generations and able to be a leavening force in our culture? Or, will it become a Church on the defensive, torn by dissension and weakened in its core structures? There is nothing wrong in itself with the prospect that different visions should contend within American Catholicism.” We need to regain a courageous and optimistic vision of our Church, and its members, and we must begin to communicate with love.When caution is everywhere, courage is nowhere to be found. So we come back again to our Shepherd’s and say open wide the doors of your Cathedrals, and your hearts for we to are your sheep. We come to be fed with the bread of life. Jesus said, “I myself am the bread of life. If you come to me, I will fill all your hungers and thirsts.” John 6:11-35.So we come to share our story, we come to break the bread; we come to know our rising from the dead. I am reminded of the word of Pope John XXIII in Pacem in Terris, “The person who errs is always and above all a human being, and he retains in every case his dignity as a human being; and he must be always regarded and treated in accordance with that lofty dignity.” All we ask is that you feed all your sheep.

Sincerely In Jesus Christ,
Joe Murray
US ConvenerRainbow Sash Movement

My understanding of this upcoming Pentecost assault upon the Cathedrals and parishes throughout this country (and in Europe) by Rainbow Sash people is that this year they are not presenting simply to be a presence, but in fact they are presenting in protest. In this country they are protesting the anti-same sex marriage stance of the Catholic Church. In years past they insisted that they were not protesting Church teaching - perhaps this year they feel a bit more empowered.

Praise God our Archbishop Harry Flynn upholds the teaching of the Church and does not permit those wearing the sash to receive the Holy Eucharist at Communion time. I also heard that Michael Baylay, the local organizer for the annual event is currently in Australia. (The gay agenda is world wide.) I wonder if this means we will not have desecration and sacrilege in the Cathedral of St. Paul this year?

Check out "Northland Catholic" now Known as "Stella Borealis Rountable" - Ray has some very good updates on the "Sashers" and their plans for Pentecost.


  1. Did you see how Murray, after quoting John 6, quotes one of the corniest freakin' songs ever written by Haas? (Song of the Body of Christ) A song like that could be very much associated with the sash just for its sheer corniness.

    How much do you want to bet also that once again Mahorny welcomes the sash with open arms?


  2. Brian - I have you on my links but when I click on it it says the page cannot be displayed - did you change something or did I screw something up on my template? Thanks.

  3. midwestmom8:11 AM

    "Doesn't a man in a sash look kinda gay?"

    LOL! Cute.


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