Sunday, June 04, 2006

All-rightey then...

Monsignor Kevin McCoy, former Rector of the North American College in Rome.

What would you think?
Archbishop Flynn is moving out of his residence and into another house in Northfield. (Bishop Pates has said as much to other people.)
Rumors have beed circulating that the coadjutor is coming - but no one knows who it is.
Many agree the person is coming from Rome.
One name at the top of the list is Monsignor McCoy, former Rector of NAC. Another name is Archbishop Chaput, which seems unlikely to me because it would mean a lateral move for him, not that it matters.

Then, a notable person in Rome, from out of nowhere, discusses the pronunciation of 'coadjutor' on his website (albeit an old post - 5/23/06 - so did he know then? Exactly what did he know and when, can we find this out?). Anyway - this person is a sort of, ex-patriot in exile in Rome, and he is from our Archdiocese. (Think of 'Liza' with a 'Z'!)
Now what would you think?

Shirley - insiders know who the coadjutor is already!
And Shirley! His arrival (or the announcement) is imminent!
(Shirley, do you think that if anyone 'has to take a leak' they would post it here? I mean, after-all, John Hastreiter is going to Rome Tuesday morning...could it be for a briefing?)

Here's the only quote I could get from Msgr. McCoy:
(After the sex abuse scandal in the US broke.)

>In the past three years since the sex abuse scandal exploded in the United States, the seminarians, whether they will return to be diocesan officials or parish priests, have had to deal with it.

Msgr. McCoy recalls: "I told the first class that returned to the States after the scandal broke: 'I don't know what you are going to find at home but go there, you know who you are, be what you need to be. Be priests for these people. Do what we've trained you to do.'
"Now, in 2004, the newest classes are not so concerned because they have been home since then, they've done parish work, they know the people and they know the people love the priest." < - 2004 Knights of Columbus newsletter.

And for the record Shirley, one may pronounce 'coadjutor' with the emphasis on 'co-ad' or one may say it with the emphasis on 'jutor' - both are correct. It's like, "you say tomaaato and I say tomato." Then there is 'coadjutrix' - oh Shirley that could never happen!

Let's all pray for a good and holy new Archbishop.


  1. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Are you schnurr there is not morlino to it?

  2. midwestmom7:36 PM

    If you expect Msgr. Kevin McCoy to have the onions to clean up Flynn's huge mess, don't hold your breath!

    He was lap dog, er uh, chancellor in Sioux City for now-retired Bishop Lawrence Soens who is being sued by several people for sexual abuse back when he was principal at a Catholic high school in Iowa City.

    The only priest I know who's tough enough to turn the Twin Cities Titanic around is Fr. Peter Stravinskas. People either love him or they hate him but he doesn't take any s#*! off anybody!

  3. Anonymous8:10 PM

    Stravinskas? Who has been dogged by financial irregularties where ever goes, and where ever he is dismissed from? Which is everywhere so far? Stravinskas, who has dropped off the face of the earth and reportedly has had his faculties removed? That Stravinskas?

  4. midwestmom8:39 PM

    Faculties removed? When?

    He's in the Poconos and I just received my latest issue of his magazine, "The Catholic Response."

  5. The most persistent rumor I have heard re: the new coadjutor has not been mentioned in this post. But it's very promising!


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