Wednesday, May 31, 2006

More Dork-o-rama!

At Last! Women Priests!
and with style...

[Pictured, newly ordained women priests in red vinyl faux-patent-leather vestments! Or is it that wet-look slippery satin?]

"'God has called me,' said Juanita Cordero, a Los Gatos woman who will soon be ordained as a deacon and aims to be a priest by 2007. 'Growing up it was never a possibility because it was always for men.' Cordero, a former nun, is among 120 women enrolled in the Roman Catholic Womenpriests program, which has been boldly ordaining groups of women as priests and deacons. A dozen will be ordained in Pittsburgh on July 31, including Cordero and women from Carmel and Pismo Beach. Another woman -- fearful that her bishop will quickly excommunicate her -- will only say she's from the Bay Area." -taken from the Cafeteria Is Closed.

Editor's Comments:
#1) There is no such thing in the Roman Catholic Church known as "Roman Catholic Womenpriests program".
#2) Women are not eligible for ordination in the Latin Rite Church, better known as the Roman Catholic Church.
#3) The woman who said she was afraid that her Bishop would excommunicate her if she revealed her identity. Yeah, she would be automatically excommunicated at her so-called ordination. Nevertheless, with her beliefs as they are, she is already virtually excommunicate now!


  1. This is so weird...

    Don't they realize that this isn't a Catholic rite? I've heard of these women before- does anyone take them seriously?

    I don't understand- part of our Faith is being obedient...

    I really don't get it.

  2. D'ya suppose the fancy goblet came from "Tar-zhay?"

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  4. Here's what I see in that picture...

    Here are some women arguing that, but for their sex, they are equally capable of, and called to, the priesthood. To the Catholic priesthood, the same priesthood.

    OK; then, shouldn't they BE priests in a Catholic fashion?

    Shouldn't they celebrate Mass in a Catholic fashion?

    If they are equally as suitable, why aren't these women properly prepared to celebrate the Mass?

    It appears the one on our left is praying the "Per Ipsum" -- she needs to read that? What's up the other, on our right, gazing at a handful of papers?

    Would anyone expect this -- and consider this acceptable -- in any other context, yes, even a priest's first Mass?

    If these ladies really wanted to convince people how very Catholic they are, etc. -- wouldn't it have been a lot smarter to follow the rubrics, in a fairly conservative way? Why make yourself such an easy target?

    What I see is play-acting, and not very serious play-acting.

    I found it very striking, some time back, when I did a google search for Ohio's own "priestess," Dagmar Celeste. Eventually, I found some information, including this comment in an interview in Ohio Free Times:

    "I abide not being able to take communion, but what has happened is that ordinary lay people bring me communion. I have not felt deprived of the sacrament particularly, even though that is the intent of the excommunication. My priesthood is more important in terms of presence than in terms of presiding. What's really important is to empower people to nurture each other."

    Umm . . . if she's a valid, Catholic priest, why would she need anyone to bring her communion?

    Does she even understand the essence of the priesthood? Does it matter?

    Now, I know the rejoinder: "but, you see, they're exploring a new dimension, a new paradigm..." I.e., a NEW priesthood! That's right -- that's the point; and the problem!

    You can't have it both ways: you want to be a priest in the Catholic Church? Be a CATHOLIC priest, not a roll-your-own priest.

  5. Apparently, "Womanpriest" Dagmar Celeste is at it again -- I'm afraid, in your back yard:

    I dropped a note to the head of Luther Seminary, to see what he says about all this. I wrote more at my blog, fyi...


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