Monday, May 29, 2006

"A day in the life of..."

"Woke outta bed...dragged a comb across my hair..."

Remember that Beatles song from "Sargeant Pepper"? Wasn't there a line about "4000 dead in Lancashire" or something? I often think of that song when great disasters are reported on the morning news. If they don't happen in the United States however, they never get much mention or extensive coverage - only if many Americans would happen to be involved.

The recent Indonesian massive quake's death toll is now over 5ooo people. There are threats from Mount Merapi, the volcano that has been errupting - if it does our news will certainly cover that because it's spectacular and is entertaining. Speaking of entertainment, the bigger news in our country seems to be Brad and Angelina's baby girl. Who gives a flying...?

The day after Christmas 131,029 people were killed in Indonesian alone after the tsunami. The region is on the so-called ring of fire and so there are quakes all of the time, and from time to time, huge mega quakes. The people of that region are non-white and live in huts - is that what some people think? Whatever the case - it's a world away from us, it's a different culture. California is on the same ring of fire - you can bet there will be non-stop coverage when something happens there however.

You would think that the secular media could maybe just report things like the earthquake in Indonesia, or the mass killings in Darfur, or the genocide that occurred in Rawanda from a population control angle. They could say - "Population explosion fears have been quelled somewhat by the extensive death toll in Saturday's earthquake. However survivors will still need supplies of condoms and birth control pills." Something like that.

That's why I think of "A day in the life of." At one point the lyrics say, "and I went into a dream..." That's what it is like in our country. We hear about someone else's tragedy and go on with our lives, more concerned about 'American Idol' and amoral celebrities and their illegitimate kids. That seminarian, Ben Kessler, who spoke at the commencement ceremonies at St. Thomas last week hit it right when he scolded about our selfishness. And to think he was criticized for that.

Well - I gotta go - I have to catch the entertainment news on the Today show. Have a great holiday! What holiday is it anyway? Oh - Memorial Day. I always forget what that was all about...Hey! I'll bet there are a lot of people who do not know what it's about.

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  1. Yes, spoiled celebs who can pick & choose their worldly way of life certainly do get too much coverage...

    I will say, that although I was surprised at the apparent number of people who followed AI, I kind of figure that many of them probably also contribute to relief efforts when disasters strike.

    A pet peeve of mine- please forgive- are overblown parades and celebrations that cost buzillions of dollars, put on by cities where there are dilapidated schools- despite the fact that taxes are sky high...

    Geez, that might be a song, too-


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