Thursday, May 25, 2006

Burn down the mission!

Never write when you are tired...

Remember when Elton John wasn't so queer? I think it was 1971 and he was touring for his "Tumbleweed Connection" album and he was playing at the Guthrie. It was one of the best concerts I had ever seen. The album was his best as far as I am concerned. And to my knowledge, which was pretty dim in those days, I do not think anyone knew he was gay. Although alot of the "pop star" crowd was in attendance. Nevertheless, Elton was considered sort of "underground" at the time, at least he was here - I mean, KQ played him- how hippie was that?

Now he is saying that the death from AIDs of his friends, and probably everyone else, is the fault of the Catholic Church and the teaching against condom use. He's a fruitcake! (Oh, yeah, we knew that!) Really, he's completely illogical and irrational. What a stupid thing to say. Check out the piece on Life Site News:

When the AIDs thing broke out, for sure you would never have been able to find a homosexual even thinking about condoms. (Straight people used them for contraception, right?) Furthermore, since homosexuals do not listen to the Church when she teaches homosexuality is an intrinsic moral disorder while homosexual acts are gravely sinful, why the heck would they listen when the Church says condoms are immoral? Elton - you're just being a bitch! Now I think I know what the song "Burn Down the Mission" meant, I'll have to tell my friend Donna because she never knew either.


  1. I always loved Elton John- he was one of my faves as a teen in the seventies.

    When he got married the first time, I was thrilled! Now I am heartbroken again, but continue to pray for him.

    I don't understand why the Catholic Church is blamed- the Church offers solace to those who suffer from all kinds of diseases...

    This is very sad, but there is always hope!

  2. Anonymous11:05 AM


    What happened to the Flynn to Northfield story?

  3. I took them off because a source told me it could be traced to him...the leak about his move. But like I said - he's moving to Northfield, the chapel is being readied, it signals the advent of the Coadjutor and we could find out any day now and the "faithful Roman Catholics" are going to be pleased. As I said to someone else, we were all "just wild about Harry" when he came on board, so we shall see.

  4. One of those cable channels had a half-hour concert last night with EJ from the early seventies-

    I don't remember ever seeing it- but his band was there- they were all very young- he still dressed normally- & the last song he sang was Burn Down the Mission...


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